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Sri Irodikromo 

(Netherlands, b. 1972)


Sri Irodikromo is the daughter of Soeki Irodikromo, also featured in this exhibition; together they represent two generations of artists of Javanese origin. Although born in the Netherlands, Irodikromo developed her artistic career in both Suriname and the Netherlands. She is an example of the cultural richness of Suriname—a true melting pot of cultures—and its continuing connection with the Netherlands beyond its independence in 1975. Irodikromo studied at the Nola Hatterman Institute, Suriname (1989-1992), and the De Vrije Kunst Academie, Netherlands (1994-1997), and also had graphical training (1994-1998). 

Based in Surinamese multiculturality, Irodikromo's work incorporates elements from her Javanese inheritance as well as from Amerindian and Marron cultures. She combines these elements in large-format textiles, synthesized with various materials and techniques, such as the use of wood, the legendary Javanese batik, embroidery, and painting. Irodikromo explains that she is “fascinated by how all the different cultures in Suriname coexist and impact each other. Although their origins are very different, they have formed a uniquely unified community, respectful of one another’s cultures and traditions. And they have thus, in some way or another, consciously or subconsciously, helped change and shape each other’s identity in a positive sense.”

Irodikromo has exhibited extensively at the Readytex Art Gallery in Paramaribo. She participated in the exhibition Wrestling with the Image: Caribbean Interventions at the AMA | Art Museum of the Americas (2011) and the Paramaribo Span project (2010). 

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